Photo of Joel Kadziolka Joel Kadziolka is a prairie-born graphic designer currently based in Vancouver with a passion for creating immersive experiences. This talented young go-getter is fresh to the city and currently accepting clients for freelance work and/or an exciting company to get on board with. Though formally trained at the University of Alberta, much of Joel's creativity is innate and tends to flow freely—impressing many and more often then not surprising himself. Sure of himself and what he likes, one would expect Joel to be quite bullish and stubborn. Lucky for those who get the fun experience of working with him, his opinions and views are based on experience and a unique way of approaching challenges. His process may seem quick and uninhibited at times but those curious enough to ask have discovered that his mind is usually blazing through concepts and variations at dizzying speeds—honing and developing his ideas before making a move. Joel is a man of details and clever nuance. Those traits are what make him great at what he does and why he's the right guy for any creative work you may have!