Childish Heroes, Adventure Time Childish Heroes was an opportunity to collaborate with fellow U of A alum Skye Oleson-Cormack. We pooled our talents in order to create a fun and exciting photo editorial inspired by the television series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. This project gave us the opportunity to work within a tight deadline to cast, style, shoot, edit, prepare and curate an entry for the University of Alberta's Student Design Association Spring Show: Co-Lab. In terms of our individual roles in the project, we both contributed to the styling, directing, and photography portion. After the photoshoot, I took the lead on photo editing while Skye looked after the illustrations. The end result—a vivid fashion editorial that captures the playful and absurd nature of Adventure Time.

Wild City This series was created while at the University of Alberta for a photography project with the topic of Wild City. I chose to approach the project as a fashion editorial. I wanted to convey the the balance of chaos and order that exists within the city. It's a constant fight and struggle to get ahead within a systematic and highly calculated world. This is realized through the contrast of the well-dressed, fair-skinned, delicate models engaged in violent behaviour and consequently left for dead. Along with the photography I was also responsible for the styling, casting, location scouting and lighting for this shoot.

Men in Cardboard Armour This series was created as a self-directed university photography project with the topic of armour. This series explores the concept of what armour is. Generally speaking, it is a protective barrier. However, protection does not always have to come from forged steel and molded metal; It can be delicate, like skin. Either way, the two ends of the spectrum are always linked, armour is meant to protect our vulnerabilities and give us power and courage to face challenges. In this series of photos I tried to capture a balance of fortitude, power, protection, vulnerability, serenity and poise. I created all the armour myself

Joel Kadziolka presents to you: The Alphabet Joel Kadziolka presents to you: The Alphabet. This visual primary was a chance for me to exhibit a variety of my skill-sets, interests and personality all in one place. From A to Z this book is chock-full of interesting visuals and provides the view with a little bit of a deeper insight into what makes me tick; Not only as a designer but also as a person.

Epic Sandwich Video This video was produced as part of my schooling at the University of Alberta for a photography class. The brief was to create a photo slideshow set to music that told a narrative. I wanted to try my hand at stop animation so I took a few hundred more photos than was required. Overall I'd say its not to shabby for my first attempt. The beginning is admittedly weak, but there wasn't any time to re-shoot and all the supplies had reached the end of their life cycle. I hope you enjoy & bon appetit!

Music – Mafiosa by BetaTraXx